Environmental Consultancy

Environmental Consultancy

Contento Trade srl is able to suggest and advise manufacturing companies (mainly metallurgical, agro-food, wood, construction and manufacturing comrades) which are the suitable actions both to simply improve their environmental image and to minimize real problems. that production can cause to the environment.

With a minimum investment, the company can achieve maximum results in terms of solutions to its environmental problems, while offering its customers and institutions an image of modernity and seriousness towards the environment.

The tools with which Contento Trade srl aims to analyze the situation of the companies that turn to it are:

  1. On-site analysis of the situation and the production cycle connected to the customer’s business.
  2. Drafting of an eco-balance to examine in detail the activity of the company, the emissions and the amount of waste produced, the types of materials used and their origin. The conclusions that can be drawn from the eco-balance suggest which are the best ways to allow the company to obtain environmental benefits. Economic advantages are also implicitly connected to the environmental advantages (a good environmental image can facilitate access to credit, lower costs for insurance, a rationalization of costs, etc.).
  3. Identification of critical areas in the company production cycle and proposal of optimal clean technologies for solving environmental problems, as well as suggestions on the possibility of reuse, recycling and valorisation of waste produced by the client industry as an alternative to landfill.
  4. Elaboration of a series of suggestions articulated in an integrated operational proposal to obtain a “clean” corporate image and / or an effective environmental improvement of the production process.