Industrial processes

Contento Trade developed independently and/or in collaboration with other firms a series of innovative industrial processes for the valorization of the industrial wastes, for the treatment of agro-food products, etc.

The company can offer to all the interested firms both the assistance for the solution of technological problems through application based on its own processes, and its collaboration in developing common projects.

Moreover Contento Trade can plan and realize plant structures specifically studied for the application of its own processes, offering the client a real “turnkey” service.

Thermo process

They aim to produce new building materials or using waste instead of virgin raw materials for the production of conventional or innovative building materials.

DIC process

Preliminary treatment for the desiccation, the texturization and the debacterization of vegetable materials.

Decontamination process

Based on chemical complexation / inertization techniques without the use of heat treatments for the stabilization of waste and the production of innovative materials for various industrial applications.

Other processes

However, there are also other processes patented by the company that concern specific aspects addressed in the course of the projects carried out.