The first step of waste valorization consists in the elaboration of a map of the possible paths to obtain marketable products starting from the waste.

This step is carried out on the basis of a series of cognitive investigations on the processes and technologies used at the production site integrated by an accurate quantification and characterization of the waste produced.

This information is processed by Contento Trade which, using its twenty-year know-how, identifies the possible areas of waste reuse according to three lines of intervention:

  1. Direct reuse of waste without additional treatments;
  2. Reuse of waste after carrying out treatments;
  3. Modification of company production processes and re-planning of the waste for reuse.

In this phase, information is also collected on the potential market of the products generated, on customer expectations, on technology trends in the sector, on market prices.

If necessary, research is also carried out at this stage to identify new possible applications for the waste considered; these activities are normally carried out in the test rooms and in the Contento Trade laboratories.

At the end of the phase, the client is provided with a written report containing a series of identification diagrams of the possible solutions, with the budgetary costs for each intervention, with the basic data on the possible market of finished products, with the identification of the critical areas in the proposed processes.

This leads to the development phase of the corporate strategy.