Stone artefacts

Stone artefacts

The basic serviceoffered by Contento Trade and its partner companies to its aggregate producing customers provides annual assistance and consists of:

– Execution of all tests required by harmonized standards;

– Statistical processing of results obtained and continuous monitoring of products, with access to results in real time;

– Consultancy for the improvement of products, the production system and the production control system both from a technical / qualitative point of view and as regards the requirements of hygiene, safety and the environment;

– Assistance for the planning and execution of sampling;

– Assistance in the interpretation of the legislation and in the elaboration of the Declarations of conformity;

– Assistance and intermediation in relations with Clients, planners, Works Management and the Public Administration.

This “turnkey” service is very useful both for producers of stone material in blocks, for producers of slabs and for installers who carry out the latest work on stone material.

This service allows them to manage the marking of their products in an optimal way and to significantly reduce the commitment of personnel for the document management of processes, increasing the efficiency of the control system.

Contento Trade can also provide specialist consultancy services for professionals and local authorities interested in the correct application of current legislation on stone products.