Recovery of waste

Recovery of waste

The entry into force of the Laws for the application in Italy of the European Directive on landfills will cause great economic upheavals for waste producers. Landfill costs are expected to increase up to three times and this will have strong repercussions on the production sectors concerned, especially those that generate large quantities of non-hazardous or inert waste.

Contento Trade offers waste producers an interesting alternative to landfill: the valorisation of waste.

The valorisation of waste requires a change of mentality on the part of the producer, who must begin to consider waste as an integral part of its production cycle.

Enhancement requires three milestones:
Contento Trade has developed a series of technologies that allow to close the production cycle of numerous industries without creating solid or liquid waste and instead generating new products with their own added value.
The technologies developed by Contento Trade require investments which are often facilitated thanks to the environmental benefits generated.
Furthermore, the philosophy behind these technologies is that of economic self-sufficiency, that is to say that the valorisation process must be economically convenient even with respect to the current landfill costs and must allow the complete pay back of the investments in less than 5 years.
The examples section presents some solutions developed by Contento Trade for various sectors and waste products.